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Stas Marketing consultants has developed Investment Attraction Strategy for Vologda Region of Russia that is targeted at diversification of regional economy, growth of small cities, small and medium business activation and human capital activation. This project was commissioned by Vologda Region Development Corporation

In 2010 Kostroma Region (Russia) Government commissioned Stas Marketing to develop Strategic Plan for regional agro industry for 2011-2012. Stas Marketing has developed the strategic document that incorporates:

In 2010 Stas Marketing was commission by Yugoria-HMAO Ministry of Transport to develop strategy for transportation industry for 2011-2015 that would be aligned with national transportation strategy but rely on regional specifics.

Omsk Region has got the brand that is based on its location, history and capabilities.

Omsk Region has a glorious history been a military, trade and cultural outpost of Russian Empire and the USSR in the Central Asia for three centuries. Today it faced many challenges related to monocentric nature of Russia and image dilution that requires from it unconventional solutions and actions.