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14 10.11
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Stas Marketing Branch Office in Kyiv is to develop tourism strategy for Dnepropetrovsk region

19 09.13

Stas Marketing Group  Office in Kyiv is to develop tourism strategy for Dnepropetrovsk region by the end of 2013


Stas Marketing and Dnepropetrovsk Region Council have agreed on regional tourism strategy project. It was announced at press conference held in Dnepropetrovsk on September 17. Evgen Udod, Chairman of Dnepropetrovsk Region Council, and Andrei Stas, managing partner of Stas Marketing Group, were the speakers there.

Evgen Udod said that the economic development of region today depends on attracting investment. Hospitality / tourism is in this context is very promising. It is not only additional funds for local budgets but also new jobs, the development of regional infrastructure.  In some European regions, tourism accounts for 10.8% of GDP. And in the Dnepropetrovsk region with a large number of historical, cultural and natural sites as long as the rate does not exceed two per cent. And the occasional efforts are not enough to change this situation. Therefore, the first task is to develop a detailed strategy for tourism development in the Dnepropetrovsk region. To do this at the highest level, we have decided to work with one of the best companies in this are, he said.

Evgen Udod also noted that an increase in the number of tourists arrivals up to 500 thousand a year will allow Dnepropetrovsk region to gain an additional 2.5 billion grivnas. Today, only 60,000 travellers visit the area annually. With an increase in the number of tourist arrivals up to 500 million, with an average spend of € 500, we can double current regional budget, he said.

Andrei Stas outlined the main components of the project future tourism strategy development. "Our work will be held in three stages. At the beginning we will be carry out detailed analysis of the tourism potential of the area. It will give foundation for development of tourism strategy of Dnepropetrovsk region till 2020. Finally, we will develop detailed roadmap of strategy implementation. This roadmap will allow strategy ti be systematically and consistently implemented. It will include interaction with the target audience, investment attraction and a portfolio of tourist products both that exist already and those to be created in reinforce Dnepropetrovsk tourism offer. We will involve an international team of experts from Russia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, he said. 

Project is to be completed by the end of 2013.