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Advising business owners and CEOs on profitable growth issues is the core competence of Stas Marketing team. We help them to answer the challenges that are the most important for long-term developments. The areas where we help our clients include:

Strategy formulation: we have developed an approach that combines sophisticated quantitative analysis with visionary and futurism that allows us to offer aggressive and provocative strategies.

Expansion strategy: as someone said business is an escalator that goes down while you go up. It means that in today’s business environment if your business doesn’t grow it dies. We help our clients with defining new product markets, new geography markets, new consumer markets.

Marketing and brands: today’s business is driven not by products and quality but by consumer minds and hearts. As much emotional and social involvement your brand has as higher demand, loyalty and price realization you may expect from you customers.

Sales and distribution: physical and virtual transportation vehicles make distribution easy and fast while channel consolidation and e-commerce often squeeze your margin. We help our clients to select route-to-market strategy that allows them sell their products profitably.

Investment and finance: it is not a problem to raise funds for any business today. But it is real challenge to raise funds from relevant investor and built mutual relationship with him. We work both for investors and entrepreneurs and help them to find each other and to build successful business projects.

Stas Marketing has extensive experience in wide range of industries including FMCG and retail, financial services, telecommunication and media, petrochemicals and lubricants, automotive, luxury goods, transportation and logistics, real estate and construction, etc. 

Contact Andrei Stas at info@stasmarketing.com or +7 499 504 1653.