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Following Professor Michael Porter of Harvard University we are confident that clusters play exceptional role in today’s place economy. We develop empiric systems to uncover regional clusters of closely connected and interacting industries in regional economic activities. When developing cluster strategies we compare mined data with data of the USA cluster mapping project that separates convergence influence and agglomeration influence on clusters.

Industries that are organized as powerful clusters show higher rate of employment growth and wages growth as well as higher rate of newly established companies and registered patents. Economic growth of regions also depends on existence of powerful clusters in the region itself and neighbor regions. It is noted that new industries usually emerges in the areas where strong clusters are already established. Our analysis shows that existing clusters also increase the potential for growth in other industries and clusters.

Stas Marketing approach to cluster projects include uncovering potential clusters, in-depth understanding of industry competitive advantage and cluster activation according to its lifecycle stage.

Main objective of regional cluster strategies is uncovering potential leaders in the most competitive industries and forming network around them aiming at increase of confidence, building co-operative environment and joint planning for all cluster participants.

Cluster project results in establishing co-operation organization or body that represents all its participants; pack the projects and PPP initiatives aimed at boosting the productivity. Government support instruments should be also elaborated.

Regional cluster project consists of the following actions:

  • Uncovering clusters
  • Cluster mapping
  • Industry analysis
  • Defining cluster competitive advantages
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Uncovering barriers and limitations for cluster development
  • Establishing co-operation body
  • Action plan development and its alignment with all cluster participants