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For Governments

Government and Public Sector Consulting practice has been set up at Stas Marketing in 2009 after National Competitiveness Institute had joined the group bringing its extensive experience of advising national and regional authorities on wide range of issues. Prior to this merge Stas Marketing invested in research of how brand and marketing as tools could be applied in national, regional and municipal management. In the same 2009 Group Managing Partner Andrei Stas published his book New Heraldry: How Nations, Regions and Cities Develop Their Brands that resulted from above mentioned studies.

Today we help governments to address the most complicated challenges like intensive competition between place for resources, lack of funding, lack of human resource, uncertain competitive advantage, etc. We help them to build stronger relationships with business and community using marketing and branding instruments adapted to specifics of public management. We work with our public clients in the following areas:

  • Strategy planning of economy
  • Place branding as investment attractive territory, travel destination, place of origin, place for living
  • Development of clusters
  • Capital services (debt capital, funding for PPP project)
  • Education services for public officials on place branding and marketing through our subsidiary Institute of Place Marketing and Branding (www.placebrands.ru)

If you have any questions on our public consulting services you may contact practice leader Andrei Shestopalov at info@stasmarketing.com or +7 499 504 1653