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History and Values

Andrei Stas who was previously Marketing Vice President at Russian Wines and Spirits Company and his partners  founded the company in May 1999 as a2z marketing agency. Our milestones include: 

2000 – first important project done for Energy & Resource Saving Non-profit Partnership and Four Seasons Trade House.

2001 – proprietary techniques BrandAtlas (brand platform development tool) and BrandPositioner (multifactor brand positioning) were developed and implemented in firm’s consulting practice.

2004 – First important international project (alcohol business set up in Croatia) done. 

2005 – London office is settled. Oleg Fomenko, ex-BCG strategist, has joined the company and headed international business development. Stas Marketing Partners brand introduced as new company name.

2006 – Strategy consulting practice has been introduced.

2009 – Government consulting practice has been introduced. National Competitiveness Institute Ltd. has joined Stas Marketing as group affiliated firm. Its Managing Director Andrei Shestopalov became Partner of Stas Marketing and now leads its government consulting practice.

2010 – First place branding project has been done for Ulyanovsk region highly successfully.

2011 – Stas Capital has been introduced as investment branch of the group. Institute of Place Marketing and Branding has been introduced as educational and research centre of Stas Marketing.

All those years we have been following several principles:

  • Any project can be successful only if done jointly by consultant and client
  • Project can be considered as successful inly if it helps client to see its business from new point of view
  • Project success is always success of client while consultant only accompanies him to this success
  • Only cross-industry exchange provided better results
  • Clients needs no scientific analysis of its business but practical solutions and initiatives
  • Any project can be successful only if it is interesting for consultants and analysts and satisfies their professional and creative passion