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National and Regional Strategies

Stas Marketing deeply understands internal dynamics and external influences around government bodies at all levels. We address the challenges that regional and municipal leaders face today and develop the strategies that aimed at economic growth and living standards increase. We utilize all methods to help governments to achieve their goals whether it is strategic plan or building synergies around various programs and politics.

Our exceptional understanding of global trends together with skills and depth of analysis allows us develop executable strategies that are focused on core competences and long term competitive advantage for country, region or municipality.

We use all power of our knowledge of industries and functions to uncover hidden opportunities and find arguments for regions and municipalities leaders to take significants strategic decisions. Stas Marketing helps public sector leaders to develop and revise their strategies through understanding the opportunitites, resources and their effecient usage.We conduct research to define competitive advantage of region, ways to boost them and to avoid weaknesses, and align organization structure with strategic objectives. 

We also help our clients to design organization structure of regional government to support long term objectives and keep realistic budgets. Following our extensive experience we assist our clients in strategic planning process that increase effeciency of governements and boost population living standards.

Our approach includes:

  • Problems and challenges analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Cluster analysis
  • Effectiveness analysis
  • SWOT-analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Region long term vision
  • Strategic alternatives elaboration
  • Forecasting different scenarios (budget incomes, taxation, budget expenses)
  • Strategic goals and objectives
  • Strategic goals decomposition to the level of organization chart
  • Key strategic direction
  • Budget spendings strategy
  • HR and organization strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Strategic action plan
  • Financial model

Strategy development project usually take from 6 to 12 month when 10-12 consultants work in close co-operation witn country / region / municipality goverment leaders.

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