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Place Marketing and Branding

Place marketing and branding is primary competence center of Government consulting practice lead by Andrei Stas who is renowned place branding expert and author of best-selling New Heraldry: How Nations, Regions and Cities Develop Their Brands. We have pioneered this service in Russia with successful implementation of place branding project for Ulyanovsk Region in 2010 (read the case on Ulyanovsk Region branding project >>>) and developed the unparalleled approach that counts all specifics of regional authorities and proves involvement of business, community, and culture and sport leaders in branding project.

We have several packages of place branding services:

  • All-Inclusive Brand Development (analysis, brand platform planning, strategy and program, identity)
  • Branding Workshops to define future brand essence
  • Brand audits to define growth hotspots and uncover danger areas
  • Personal Advisory to Governors and Mayors on region positioning through their personalities
  • Place marketing strategy development
  • Outsourcing of place brand management
  • Education courses for national, regional and municipal officials as well as owners and marketers of place related businesses (travel, real estate) on place marketing and place branding

Our place marketing and branding practice is in partnership with most respected international place branding institutions such as Association of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy and Best Place – Institute of Place marketing. We are teamed with leading experts like Prof., PhD Alexander Pankrukhin (Russia) and Prof., PhD Magdalena Florek (Poland).

In 2011 Stas Marketing founded non-profit Institute of Place Marketing and Branding (www.placebrands.ru) that is aimed to build community of well-trained place marketers and brand managers.

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