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First air taxi in Russia - strategy and marketing

Group of important institutional investors (Industrial Investors Group and Kaskol Aerospace Group) has initiated setting up the new generation airline to operate on short-hawl and regional routes as air taxi. Idea also assumed operating the fleet of general aviation aircraft with 4-6 passenger loads. Target markets were initially defines as corporations and wealthy individuals. As soon as this service was totally new for Russian market investors faced several important questions – from new business market sizing to ability on land infrastructure in country to support air taxi operations. Marketing strategy was also an issue. Stas Marketing was commissioned to find the solution.

Stas Marketing consultants have conducted unique nation-wide marketing research that included:

  • B2B sector research (40 interviews with business leaders, 40 interviews with corporate travel managers, 20 interviews with travel agencies, 20 interviews with federal and regional authorities); 
  • B2C sector research (8 focus groups and more than 3000 face-to-face interviews in 45 cities of Russia);
  • Analysis of passenger flow on 9500 point-to-point routes on air, rail, automotive and waterway transports;
  • Analysis of Russian airport infrastructure with monitoring 250 runways on their ability to accept air taxi;
  • World best practice analysis.

Finally, Stas Marketing provided client with market sizing calculation and strategy recommendations that allowed investors decide to jump into the business.

Furthermore, Stas Marketing consultants developed brand platform (including positioning, service specification, long term brand vision). This platform was then realised in DEXTER name and bright, remarkable resign that was developed by creative agency under direct control of Stas Marketing. After that Stas Marketing consultants developed marketing and sales strategy as well as DIY action plan for the first operation year.

Eugene Andrachnikov, DEXTER Chairman, in his letter to Stas Marketing whas written, “Specifically I would mention professionalism and deepness in research and creativity in building positioning" 

First air taxi in Russia - strategy and marketing