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First luxury vodka brand from Balkans region

Adriatic Investments located in Split (Croatia) had been considering the opportunity to invest in premium spirits production for EC markets. Stas Marketing renowned for its extensive wines and spirits industry expertise was commissioned to implement the project. Its objectives was:

  • Size the market for new player; 
  • Define target markets for new player;
  • Develop new product concept and brand positioning;
  • Develop brand name;
  • Develop brand design;
  • Develop marketing and brand strategy;
  • Set up sourcing of dry and wet components;
  • Find the preferred suppliers of technology solutions. 

Stas Marketing consultants conducted comprehensive market research Europe-wide including:

  • Desk research of spirits market trends by countries and categories;
  • Desk research of consumer behavior in HORECA channel;
  • In-depth interviews with distributors, retailers, bartenders’ associations, marketing and ad agencies;
  • Consumer focus group across Europe;
  • Best practice review.

Upon completion of the research markets of Central Europe (Austria, Czech, Slovakia), South Eastern Europe (ex-Yugoslavia) and Southern Europe (Italy) were recommended as a platform to launch premium vodka brand. Consultants also calculated sales forecast and investment requirements for investors to make a decision. Furthermore, Stas Marketing consultants dived deep into technology and together with team of product experts developed product concept that is based on invented innovative Quintuple Filtration® technology. Based on product concept brand platform was formulated with brand essence The Native Formula of Excellence and Enjoyment.

Stas Marketing consultants have generated unique brand name AKVINTA that derives from three Latin words – AQUA (water), QUINTA (five) and VINO (wine). London-based agency Lewis Moberly was commissioned to develop elegant and unpredictable design of AKVINTA Vodka according to strategic design brand prepared by Stas Marketing.

After that Stas Marketing have developed marketing and sales strategy including time schedule of events for the first operating year. While providing post project support consultants helped client to select suppliers of equipment, ethyl alcohol, bottles, caps, cases as well as lab equipment.

AKVINTA Vodka was launched in August 2006 in Split, Croatia. Today AKVINTA is available in more then 20 international markets.

Pavel Ryabov, Adriatic Investments CEO, said: «Stas Marketing Partners are highly professional marketing and business development consultants equipped with broad experience and creativity”

First luxury vodka brand from Balkans region