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Market Entrance Strategy for Industrial Lubricants Producer

One of world oil majors commissioned Stas Marketing to conduct strategic analysis of Russian market for industrial lubes and defining route-to-market strategy for long-term market development.

Industrial lubes include numerous and complicated list of products, e.g. base oils, transmission oils, hydraulic oils, conveyor oils as well as complicated range of specific oils and liquids for metal working like coolants, corrosion prevention liquids, etc. Historically, majority of Russian industrial companies used to use base mineral oils with specific additives which was mixed in necessary proportion on site. But the world market of industrial lubes has changed significantly from those days.

Stas Marketing team conducted various activities including:

  • Analysis of major industry needs;
  • Route-to-market analysis;
  • Analysis of lubes consumption and preferences of Russian industries as well as decision making features;
  • Value chain and pricing analysis;
  • Competition analysis.

At the end of the work that lasted for a year Stas Marketing formulated expanded strategic recommendations on product range, sales and distribution strategy and pricing.


Market Entrance Strategy for Industrial Lubricants Producer