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Petrochemical holding rebranding strategy

SIBUR HOLDING is the largest petrochemical company is Russia. It consists of numerous plants that are leaders in manufacturing synthetic rubbers, basic polyolefin products, plastics, organic synthesis products, LPG, etc. Historically, this plants were independents companies with their own names and brands. In the cities where they are located this plants are key employers and generators of local municipal budgets. At the same time, SIBUR capitalization particularly depends on intangible assets value whiles corporate brand is one of these assets.

Stas Marketing consultants were commissioned to analyze current SIBUR brand equity, to develop new brand architecture for entire holding and action plan to move toward new brand schedule.

Consultants have completed comprehensive research to understand current perception of SIBUR brand by plants employees, business partners, local authorities, etc. It was stated that largest petrochemical companies already for years invest in their corporate and product brands. It was uncovered that eagerness and readiness of various plants in various SBUs (plastics, rubbers, LPG) are not the same. These findings were taken into account while planning rebranding for each plant. These plans were based on specifics of stuff, market and enterprise role and weight within holding.

After strategy was completed first stage of rebranding was commenced. Plastics and organic products manufacturers were the first who moved on new brand books. By now, rebranding program is fully completed.

Petrochemical holding rebranding strategy