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Stas Marketing has positioned Omsk Region as open platform for Eurasian opportunities

Omsk Region has got the brand that is based on its location, history and capabilities.

Omsk Region has a glorious history been a military, trade and cultural outpost of Russian Empire and the USSR in the Central Asia for three centuries. Today it faced many challenges related to monocentric nature of Russia and image dilution that requires from it unconventional solutions and actions.

Stas Marketing initiated discussion on region brand in 2010 at Omsk Economic Forum and then joined the consortium created by Moscow-based communication agency International Press Club to develop Omsk Region brand. Project included four stages:

  • Region brand audit, including population opinion study, analysis of economy and media research
  • Brand platform formulation
  • Brand development program elaboration
  • Brand identity development

Stas Marketing was responsible for regional economic and social background analysis, brand platform and program development.

Following its highest standards of quality Stas Marketing monitored every aspect of economic, social and cultural environment in Omsk Region and formulated three hypothesis on how region could be positioned: 1) as male character region, 2) as trans-Asian region, 3) as region of avant-garde projects and initiatives. These ideas were discussed both at Expert Board meeting and widely in the Internet and finally, our consultants formulate Omsk Region brand essence as “open platform for Eurasia opportunities” that reflect its location in the heart of Eurasia, ability to adopt any large scale project and openness for anything new and ambitious.

Brand strategy that was titled as 100 Ideas How to Make Omsk Region Better was presented by Stas Marketing Group Managing Partner Andrei Stas in late June and got positive feedback both from Omsk authority and community. It consists of 100 project initiatives to support brand positioning in upcoming 5 years.

Final stage of the project was concerned about regional brand identity that was developed by another member of consortium Stanislav Ivanchenko, design expert with Omsk origin. His idea to use region border line as basis for logo was accepted by Omsk Government and became new symbol of this Siberian region together with tagline “Open Siberia”.

Stas Marketing has positioned Omsk Region as open platform for Eurasian opportunities