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Wireless broadband operator marketing and sales

In 2003 Stas Marketing consultants have developed the brand name for emerging wireless broadband operator. ENFORTA name was derived from English ENFORCE and Latin FORTE. It was created to communicate an idea that contemporary telecom technologies reinforce business and make communications between companies easier and more effective.

Renowned telecom managers and pool of investors created in 2005 ENFORTA Company that became one of the first Wi-Max players in Russia. After all start up investments was done they commissioned Stas Marketing to manage 3-month test market project in Novosibirsk that was initiated to test sales and marketing instruments.

During the project Stas Marketing consultants corrected organization strategy of all sales departments that allowed increase of sales already at test market stage. After all consultants developed recommendations on choice of target groups, product proposition, sales model, pricing and brand values.

Currently, ENFORTA is #1 wireless broadband operator in SME segment with presence in more than 80 regions of Russia. Project success is proven by the investors who invested in. Among them Sumimoto, Baring Vostok Capital Partners, EBRD, Bessimer.

Stas Marketing continued partnership with ENFORTA. In 2009 it helped ENFORTA team to define “beyond the crisis” strategy and conducted state-of-art customer segmentation.

Wireless broadband operator marketing and sales